How does laser hair removal work?
Using laser light we target the pigment (melanin) in the hair to take the heat from the laser light down into the hair follicle where it cauterizes the blood supply (dermal papillae) of all the active hair in the treatment area, no blood supply no hair growth! There are 3 stages of hair growth, not every hair is in the active stage at the same time, this is why we need a series of treatments for your best level of hair reduction.

Does laser hair removal hurt?
Best description is the snap of an elastic to the skin, our Cynosure Apogee Elite has a built in cooling system making treatments very quick and comfortable!

Do I have to shave before my appointment?
YES, we ask that you shave the area the day of your appointment but no longer than one day before. We don’t want any hair at the surface of the skin that the laser would be drawn to, we want all that light to reach the follicle.

What things should I avoid before my appointment?

  • Avoid sun exposure for at least two weeks prior to your treatment.
  • Check your medications for photosensitivity.
  • Avoid waxing the area for four weeks prior to your treatment.
  • No bleaches 4-6 weeks prior to your treatment.

How long do I go between treatments? How many will I need?
On average we know the different areas of the bodies hair growth cycle takes between 4-10 weeks for the dormant hairs to return to the active stage and be treatable. Committing to a set schedule for your treatment, a plan given to you by your technician, will ensure you have the best reduction out of your series. Typically, we see a minimum of 8 treatments and upwards of 12 treatments to be most effective. Varying factors that could require an increase of necessary treatments include: hormone imbalances, pregnancy, medications that trigger hair growth, or lack of sticking to your treatment plan.